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Camas Barkemeyer

Coach, CF-L1

Camas's Story

In the small town of Lewiston, Idaho, Camas Barkemeyer discovered her passion for fitness, growing up in a community that valued an active lifestyle. Beyond the gym, Camas is not just a CrossFit coach but also a skilled hair stylist, bringing a unique blend of creativity and athleticism to her pursuits. With over a decade of CrossFit competition experience and 16 years dedicated to the CrossFit community, Camas stands as a seasoned guide on the path to fitness.


Outside the hustle of coaching, Camas finds solace in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, and woodworking. Family time is precious, and she embraces every moment, savoring the essence of life. A quirky twist to Camas's story is her allergy to vegetables, a fact that adds a touch of irony to her commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Amidst the array of CrossFit movements, Camas has found favorites in Isabell, pistols, and strict handstand push-ups (HSPU). Her coaching journey is not just about workouts but transformative moments. One remarkable success story involves a friend's mom, who, at the age of 67, transformed her life through CrossFit, proving that it's never too late for positive change.


For those new to CrossFit, Camas offers sage advice – a reminder that everyone starts somewhere. She advocates for embracing the journey and making every effort count. Motivated by a high school "Most Athletic" title, Camas sees fitness not as a burden but as a commitment to a healthy and vibrant life. Her coaching style is a blend of motivation, passion, and an ever-present happiness that makes every session an uplifting experience.


And fun fact, Camas holds both the snatch and clean and jerk records for several different brackets in New Mexico, adding another layer to her impressive fitness journey. Join Camas at CrossFit Kodiak Island, where each rep is a step toward a stronger, healthier you, and the journey is as important as the destination.

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