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Krista Winell

Coach, CF-L1

Krista's Story

Nestled between the serene landscapes of Michigan and the untamed beauty of Alaska, Krista Winell's narrative takes shape. Beyond her current role as a construction maven, Krista brings a wealth of gymnastics expertise to the coaching arena at CrossFit Kodiak Island. With over 25 years of coaching experience, she has not only nurtured the talents of young gymnasts but has also fearlessly competed in various age groups and CrossFit competitions. Krista's commitment to growth is evident as she sets her sights on obtaining her CF-L2 certification in the near future.


Outside the gym walls, Krista finds joy in the simplicity of life – hiking, immersing herself in a good read, journaling, and sharing moments with her husband. She also cherishes stealing animal snuggles from friends' pets, adding an extra layer of warmth to her life.  A quirky twist to her story is her love for peanut butter-flavored treats despite not being a fan of plain peanut butter. Known for her organizational prowess, Krista brings a unique blend of discipline and encouragement to the coaching floor


When it comes to favorite workouts, any gymnastics movement captures Krista's heart, alongside the powerful allure of hang power cleans. Her coaching success stories are numerous, each one a testament to her passion for helping individuals achieve feats they never thought possible. For newcomers to CrossFit, Krista's advice is simple yet profound – stick with it, disregard comparisons, and revel in the supportive community that surrounds every WOD.


Motivated by a desire to age gracefully and maintain an active lifestyle, Krista envisions a future where she remains a spirited old soul, enjoying life's adventures. In three words, her coaching style can be described as encouraging, virtuous (in the pursuit of movement standards), and undeniably motivating. Join Krista at CrossFit Kodiak Island, where her coaching unfolds a journey of growth, resilience, and a celebration of individual achievements.

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