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Bethany Teichert

Coach, CF-L1

Bethany's Story

Welcome to the dynamic world of CrossFit Kodiak Island, where Bethany Teichert not only takes flight as an Operations Specialist at USCG Air Station Kodiak but also soars as a dedicated CrossFit Level 1 coach. Hailing from the picturesque Laconia, NH, Bethany brings a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge to her coaching role, with ongoing pursuits in the CrossFit Nutrition Course and a focus on Sports Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition for Health and Fitness.


Beyond the gym and her Coast Guard duties, Bethany finds solace on the golf course during her free time, adding a touch of leisure to her active lifestyle. A fun fact reveals an intriguing layer – Bethany has a twin sister, bringing a unique connection to her story.


In the realm of CrossFit, Bethany's favorites center around the Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches, showcasing her affinity for dynamic movements. As a new coach, her success stories are grounded in the motivation she instills in her athletes, evidenced by the heartfelt expressions of gratitude after a challenging class.


For those venturing into CrossFit, Bethany's advice is grounded in persistence and self-acceptance. She emphasizes the gradual nature of change and encourages newcomers not to be embarrassed about scaling workouts, highlighting CrossFit's adaptability to every type of athlete.


Motivation for Bethany is intertwined with the CrossFit community – a delicate balance of friendship, support, motivation, and accountability that keeps her active and committed to fitness. As a new coach, Bethany describes her coaching style in three words: Motivating, Determined, and Passionate. Join Bethany at CrossFit Kodiak Island, where every workout is an opportunity to be motivated, determined, and passionately committed to your fitness journey.

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